Formula 4 Hope 2022

Dear St. Hilda’s family,

This year we as a church have decided to once again support the important work of the Atwell Centre by participating in the Formula 4 Hope Baby Bottle fund raiser.

About Atwell Centre

“We are a Christian agency that assists women and men facing unexpected pregnancies and post-abortion realities while promoting sexual health. We educate, inform, and support with care and give practical assistance to individuals as they face these important decisions.”

For more information on Atwell Centre please visit:

Formula 4 Hope

Formula 4 Hope is an annual fundraising campaign that helps support Atwell Centre’s work with women & men in downtown Hamilton and future Halton. The campaign runs between Mother’s Day (Sunday May 8) and Father’s Day (Sunday June 19).

This year’s goal is to raise $90,000 for women who depend on Atwell for their services, in both Hamilton and Halton – $60,000 will go towards Hamilton and $30,000 towards Halton.

St. Hilda’s Participation

Personal participation is entirely optional. Please note that any donations to Formula 4 Hope Atwell should be above & beyond your regular St. Hilda’s giving.

There are two ways that you can donate: 1) by filling a provided baby bottle with coins, cash or cheques or donate online to a ‘virtual baby bottle’. For those wanting to use a physical baby bottle, they will be distributed after the Sunday May 8 St. Hilda’s service.

If you wish to participate in the ‘Virtual (online) Edition’, a “2022 – St. Hilda’s Oakville” team page has been launched:

or alternatively and click on “ST. HILDA’S OAKVILLE”

Once on St. Hilda’s Formula 4 Hope fundraising page, click on the “Give Now” button to donate.

Notes: You do not need to have an account on JustGiving to donate; you may donate as a guest. Your donation amount can be hidden from public view if selected. Based on our last year’s Formula 4 Hope giving of $640, we have been challenged to raise $800. Charitable tax receipts will be issued by Atwell Centre.

If have any questions please contact Bob & Joan Towarnicki.

Thank you for prayerful consideration.