About us

Our services are located here:
Church of the Nazarene
320 Bronte Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 3C8

Office and mailing address are located here:
St. Hilda’s ANiC Anglican Church
Church of the Nazarene
320 Bronte Rd, Oakville, ON L6L 3C8
email: st.hildas.anic@outlook.com

Sunday Service Times
BCP Eucharist 8:30 a.m. at office address.
Family Eucharist 12:45 p.m. at Church of the Nazarene.

Vision Statement
The purpose of our church at St. Hilda’s is to bring people to the love of God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ, equip them to worship, pray, demonstrate grace and fellowship in the Church and in the world in the power of the Holy Spirit.

St. Hilda’s Church exists to help bring the reality of Jesus Christ to all who come.

Worship inspired by the Holy Spirit is central to our lifestyle and our corporate meetings.

Through practical teaching, caring and encouragement we provide a place for everyone to realize their full potential.

Communicating Jesus to the world is our deepest desire.

After our 12:45 p.m. service each week we have an opportunity to meet and encourage one another over coffee, tea or juice.

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