Junior Church

Babes and Beginners – our nursery group is delightfully growing and a Sunday program is in place.

JK/K + Kids
Do you have children between the ages of 3 and 6 who love to sing, play games and do fun crafts? Then St. Hilda’s is the place to be! We have a wonderful program for the little ones… we pray, we sing, we “read” the Bible, play a game or make a craft. Lots of things to do and keep them busy, while you enjoy the enriching service and wonderful fellowship of our friendly church. We have a devoted team of “teachers” who love to share their love of God with each precious child. So, come to St.Hilda’s and enjoy the service and have your children learn and grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones SOON!
Co-ordinator, Alena Garland.

Middle School /Teens  –  A new program this season!
Youth Activities TBA:

Acquire The Fire
” Relentless Pursuit”
October 19-20
The  Hershey Centre
5500 Rose Cherry Place
Mississauga ON L4Z 4B6

St. George’s Youth Retreat
“Just Give Me Jesus”
November  9-10 2012
Faith Mission in Campbellville

Fresh Wind
“Catch The Fire”
March 28 – 30, 2013
272 Attwell Drive
Toronto ON M9W 6M3

Other special events TBA – bowling  – paint ball –  etc.

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