St. Hilda’s is a church for people who are exploring Christianity or who have made a commitment of faith and want to grow spiritually. Standing in the great and ancient tradition of the church, we worship God with reverence, study the Bible in depth, and help each other walk in step with God’s Holy Spirit.

Our church belongs to the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon), a global fellowship representing the large majority of Anglicans around the world. We belong to Gafcon’s North American province (the Anglican Church in North America) and, within that, the province’s northernmost diocese (the Anglican Network in Canada).

St. Hilda’s worships in person every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. in the building  of Central Baptist Church at 340 Rebecca Street, Oakville, Ontario, L6K 1K3. Everyone is welcome. Worship is also available online. To view the most recent online service, click the Online Worship button below.


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A heart for Evangelism

We run an Alpha course twice a year. Please consider attending the introductory evening. For more information, visit our outreach page.

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A heart for the poor

Food for Life Canada, together with Kerr Street Mission and St. Hilda’s Church, are pleased to participate in an outreach program for people in need in the Oakville area.

At present, we are delivering food parcels to families in need.

St. Hilda's holds a monthly chapel service at the Syl Apps youth detention centre.

Please go here for more details.

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Liturgical Worship with a focus on the Arts

At St. Hilda's we try to combine Liturgical Worship with the free exercising of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We have many artists in the congregation whose work we incorporate in worship.