Worship Services

Sunday Holy Communion
(Includes music, Bible reading, a sermon, prayer, and Holy Communion)
10:30 a.m. in the building of Central Baptist Church (340 Rebecca Street, Oakville)
All are welcome. Parking is available on the property.

At every service there is a prayer team that is available to pray with anyone who has a request. If you would like prayer, please proceed to the back of the room after taking Communion. The team will step aside with you and pray right then and there.

Online Services
A new pre-recorded service is available every Sunday on YouTube.
Watch and worship at 10:30 a.m. or any time that works for you.


What should I wear?
There is no dress code for church. Some people like to be casual, and others like to dress up a little bit. Either is totally fine.

Do I need to bring anything?
No, nothing is required. Some people like to bring their own Bible so they can follow along during the sermon; others read the Bible on their phone. We have Bibles here that you can use if you ask. Just ask for one when you are greeted.

What do people do in the service?
Since our services are about worshiping God together, they are designed to encourage orderly participation from the congregation. Much of this participation involves acting in unison; for example, we recite prayers together, reading the words off a large screen. Nobody is expected to speak individually unless they volunteer to do so. Sometimes we stand, and sometimes we sit. You can simply follow the lead of the people around you.

Can I participate even if I am new?
Yes, you can participate at your comfort level in our service. If you feel more comfortable hanging back and observing, that is fine as well. Holy Communion is offered to anyone, Anglican or not, who is baptized and would normally receive Holy Communion in their own church. If you are not going to receive Holy Communion, you can remain at your seat for that part of the service or, if you would like to receive a blessing from the priest, join the line and cross your arms over your chest when you get to the priest.

I don’t know how to behave in a church. What rules do I need to follow?
There are no special rules to observe at St. Hilda’s. For example, we do not bow down on one knee before entering a row of seats as some churches do. Our practice is to adopt a general attitude of respect and reverence. Anything that fits with that attitude is fine.