Discover Christianity

God’s Plan

Christianity is not a moral code or a way of life, although it includes these things. Christianity is a religion grounded in the action of God, in real events. The most central of these events concern Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish man who lived in the Middle East about two thousand years ago. But Christianity is not just about the past. God’s action so far has been part of an astounding plan that is moving forward at this very moment and is not yet finished. Christianity, then, is also about God’s action in the here and now and in the coming days.

So, what’s the plan? Our world is corrupted, as everyone knows, and God’s plan is all about redemption. He is rescuing people from sin and destruction, restoring them to a relationship with himself, and giving us a foretaste of the coming time when the world will be freed from all evil—that is to say, when it will be the world we intuitively yearn for. At the heart of this plan is Jesus.

You have a place in this unfolding story. The disastrous, toxic reality we call sin has alienated you from God and others and barred you from the everlasting life and everlasting relationships you were designed for. That’s where God’s plan comes in. Right from the beginning, a key part of the plan was that Jesus would purchase your redemption at the ultimate cost: death on the cross. He did just that, and now you can be rescued and restored to the life and relationships you are supposed to have. What you have to do is turn from sin (the problem) and to Jesus (the solution).

Spirituality and Religion

Many people describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” By this they often mean that they are not part of an organized religion but have a general awareness of a higher being, perhaps one that is cultivated by spiritual practices such as meditation. The desire to be in touch with the Supreme Being is noble, but this approach by itself is not enough. As stated above, the human race is in a dire situation, and only God’s plan can fix it. However, once someone turns from sin to Jesus, then spiritual practices can be fruitful. The Christian religion includes many powerful practices and activities that have been developed and shaped over many centuries by many godly Christians, from ancient Celtic monks to modern-day working people. Through these practices, believers can deepen their relationship with, and experience of, the eternal, infinite, transcendent God.

Next Steps

We at St. Hilda’s want you to experience the redemption and restoration that Christ purchased for you. If you are interested in the Christian faith, or if you have questions about life that you would like to discuss, please connect with us. You can worship with us in person or online, and you are more than welcome to contact us to speak directly with one of our pastors.

Another great option is the free Alpha course, which offers an introduction to the Christian faith in a laid-back group setting.