Reflections on The Anglican Network in Canada Synod 2012

Dear friends,

“Five years ago we had 2 bishops and 2 churches within the Anglican Network in Canada. Now five years down the road we have 6 bishops, 150 clergy, almost 70 churches, church plants and projects and over 4000 people attending church on a weekly basis. There is much to be thankful to God.” So says Bishop Don Harvey our moderator.

Day 1 Wednesday November 14
8 people from St. Hilda’s were able to take part or observe ANiC’s fifth synod in Ottawa between November 14th and 16th. It was an encouragement to see what the Lord is doing within our fledgling diocese. On the first day of synod Archbishop Robert Duncan from Pittsburg led us in worship and the election of the new moderator who was to take over after Bishop Don retires. Bishop Charlie Masters was elected and we are grateful that our own area bishop will take on this new role. Please continue to pray for Bishop Charlie and Judy.
On the Wednesday evening five ANiC clergy and friends from Ottawa were able to rent the Scotia Centre Ice rink (Where the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey club play). It was very cool. (See attached pictures.)

Day 2 Thursday November 15
Bishop Don started the day with his charge to synod. To read the full content of his talk please visit the Anglican Network in Canada website.
The rest of the day was taken up with some of the business of synod. Finances, election of the new ANiC board and the budget for the coming year were on the agenda. Interspersed throughout synod were various presentations on some of the new church plants and initiatives. This was a highlight for me during synod. There are some amazing people doing very specialized ministry throughout our country. A constant theme is the need to reach this generation with the gospel of Christ. One amazing statistic was given from the Rev. Alan Hawkins who is the leader of Anglican 1000, (This is archbishop Bob Duncan’s challenge to plant 1000 churches in five years) he said, that in his part of the United States where some research was done with 27,000 university students, only 4% had regular church affiliation. There is much work to be done. He said, “that we have to see ourselves as missionaries.”

Day 3 Friday November 16
Synod concluded with more presentations and a service of Holy Communion.

It is truly amazing to be a part of a new movement were the gospel of Jesus is front and centre. We all yearned for a church that was a gospel church. We are now part of that. There are still challenges ahead and we continue to pray for the Lord to lead us.

God bless you
Pastor Paul

The Ven. Paul Charbonneau
Rector, St. Hilda’s Church
Regional Archdeacon, Southern Ontario
Anglican Network in Canada

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